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Risk Mitigation Services

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Executive Protection 

The Guardian Group Solutions Protection Specialists consist of highly trained, highly disciplined and socially intelligent individuals. Our professionals are proficient in the protection of high net worth, high profile or at-risk individuals and their Critical Assets using the latest technologies in covert and overt settings. Individual skills, experience and credentials include but are not limited to: Behavioral Detection, Situational Awareness, Surveillance Systems, Open Source Intelligence, Close Quarter Battle (CQB) and Critical Site security operations. All team members are also trained in Evasive/Protective Driving and TCCC Medical Emergency training. Team members assigned to Close-in protection (Executive Protection) are graduates of reputable Protection schools regardless of their professional background.  Often organizations assume that backgrounds in Military and Law enforcement set the requirements for protectors. Unfortunately, that is far from the truth though some knowledge may be lateral on a case by case basis. A high-level of continuous training in addition to professional backgrounds in applicable specialties are what separate us from the other companies. Our team members often entail "a warrior in a suit" that is adaptable to his/her client and environment. We believe in competency, professionalism and excellence. We are the new industry standard.





  • Executive/Dignitary Protection (Venue/Site/Mobile)

Physical Security Assessments 

A Physical Security Assessment evaluates your existing or planned security measures that protects people and/or assets from threats. The assessment will identify vulnerabilities that are balanced to the threat level of the structure. We use the latest technology in order to provide the best service for all our clients. Whether your concern is a single residence, a corporate building or critical structure, we will identify the gaps in your security and will provide you with the best solutions to safeguard your family, assets and corporate secrets. We find the problems and provide you with the solutions to mitigate all vulnerabilities. Give us a call before it's too late.

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Red Team Operations

Red Team operations focuses on targeting and exploiting a locations detection and response capabilities through means of breaching all physical security countermeasures. Activities entail social engineering, analysis and often surveillance and planning prior to the exercise. All events are conducted in a safe and controlled manner resulting in a physical breach and a Final Assessment Report (FAR). The report will outline security measures to sustain and the solutions necessary to improve your organizations posture.

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